February 11, 2022

How We See Valentine's Day at CHMS

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to showcase love and connection with our children. Recently, enhanced marketing and commercialism around this holiday has caused many to become distracted from the main purpose behind Valentine’s Day, which is connection and compassion. At CHMS, we celebrate Valentine’s Day as a way to recognize our friendships and love for our friends here at school.

Our Valentine’s Day tradition at CHMS involves each student creating a handmade card for one other student. This allows students the opportunity to display their affection for one another in a heartfelt and stress free way. We talk about the ways in which we can show others we care about them. We also talk about how recipients of care can express their gratitude and appreciation. Emphasis is placed on the time, thought, and energy we spend on creating something special with one particular friend in mind. This effort is described as a representation of the importance that friendship holds for us. 

Stores and companies push us to believe that Valentine’s Day is about romantic love and even the buying and selling of trinkets to commemorate that love. But we think that friendship, connection, and compassion are just as (if not more) important – especially in our students’ lives. Our goal is to help them celebrate the joy of each others’ company while providing them the tools and resources to express their feelings in productive and supportive ways.

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