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January 14, 2022

How to prepare for any kind of weather.

Any adventurer will tell you that being prepared for all types of weather makes every outing more enjoyable. Every day at school is a new adventure for our students, and having the right gear makes a big difference. Now that the weather is colder, we are getting opportunities to experience different kinds of winter weather! With more wind, rain, sleet, snow and sun on the horizon, here are two ways you can help your child be ready for tomorrow, by preparing today: 

Toes to Hood method

This simple trick helps even the youngest children independently put on their coats for going outside. Practice at home to help prepare your child for playground time at school. Choose an area that is free of items that can easily be knocked over as this method involves some swinging of clothing – a hallway, mudroom, or entry way works well. Have your child lay her coat on the floor, so that when she looks at it, it’s upside down – with her toes at the hood. The coat should be unzipped, with the opening facing up. Have her hold onto the cuffs of the sleeves of her shirt. Slide her arms through the sleeves and flip the whole coat over her head. Voila! Coat on, sleeves unbunched and down, and she’s ready to zip up and head outside.

Homes for every thing, and every thing in its home

Reduce frustration and the need for frantic last minute searching by designating a home for each article of clothing. This could mean having a bin designated only to gloves. Or, an area to only hang scarves and jackets. The tricky part can be making sure items go back to their home. However, establishing a home for each item sets your child up for success. Over prepared is better than under prepared! When it comes to packing for winter weather, having more gear is always preferable to inadequate gear. If your child can’t decide on mittens or gloves, red socks or blue, pack both! The choice can be made on the spur of the moment, plus there’s a built-in backup!

Allow your child to participate in each step of preparing for potential weather scenarios. Look up the weather forecast together. Discuss the temperature and notice the different icons of rain, sleet, wind, clouds, and sun. “This icon shows wind and rain for tomorrow. What kind of clothes do you think you need to pick out for tomorrow?” Involving your child in preparing for the next day’s weather helps him/her strengthen their independence, and ability to plan ahead. Plan, plan, plan and then plan some more. 

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