Pieces of gratitude from our past CHMS families.

Over the last 22 years, over 1,000 parents have sent their child(ren) to CHMS. Some families have expressed their gratitude in handwritten cards, emails, and in conversation. Here’s a glimpse of what our CHMS families have to say about their family’s CHMS experience.


Sam has adjusted so well to CHMS. We are excited to see how he is developing his skills and language and new friendships. We love the activities CHMS has held including the monthly playdates. Thank you for putting these together. I also appreciate the love and kindness from the teachers. Sam's teacher sends such thoughtful emails helping to guide Sam through toilet training, etc. I never have worried during a workday about Sam, I know he is well taken care of and that he is enjoying school and learning.


Ella is our second child to attend CHMS. Ella and her brother are very different, yet have both had truly wonderful experiences at CHMS. This highlights that CHMS teachers challenge each child from where she enters school. CHMS fosters a positive classroom environment, which children bring home -- literally singing about peace and geography!


We have always appreciated the values at CHMS in terms of activating discipline, a love for learning, and building character in children. While we appreciate the Montessori method in terms of encouraging independent learning, we are happy that CHMS staff still provides ample guidance and appropriate boundaries in terms of both behavior and academics. After having one child spend her pre-elementary years here, we have complete trust that our second child will also be fully prepared for kindergarten.


Based on our child’s conversation, we can tell that the teachers at CHMS are thoughtful and nurturing. She is thriving at CHMS with the support of the amazing staff and teachers. She looks forward to return to school every Monday.


We have really enjoyed our experience with CHMS. We were quite worried about Louisa starting school. She had not had anyone outside of her family take care of her before. She had never really been with other kids besides her brother. And she has handled the transition beautifully. We have been amazed that she walks in nearly every day without tears; that she comes home so happy; and that she can tell us a little bit about her day on most days. Thank you for nurturing Louisa and for making CHMS and her first school experience such a wonderful one.


Ella has blossomed in the montessori environment allowing her to harness her desire for independence in constructive ways that positively challenge her to continue to learn more. She has also strengthened her ability to concentrate and be respectful/courteous of others.


Vihaan has only been at CHMS for about two months. However, the transition was surprisingly smooth thanks to his teachers. He seems to love school, which is very important to us. We love the little art projects he comes home with and the stories he tells us about class. We are excited to continue to see him develop and thrive at CHMS.

Alumni Parent

Our years with our daughter attending CHMS have made us believers of the Montessori philosophy for the rest of our lives!


Our child has been happier with school since transitioning to CHMS from another Montessori school. We can tell that she is being treated with love and having a happy child before and after the school day has been a tremendous positive change for all of us!


CHMS has been great for Julian's love of learning and we sensed a shift in his development almost from the start. We can see that the teachers care deeply about their work and help to support the children and the parents.


E is thriving at school and loves to go everyday. We love to hear about his day and what has excited him about it--it is always something different. A new story, playing with friends at the playground, interacting with his teacher, and for him it is his world. Thank you to the amazing teachers and admin for his wonderful early childhood experience!

Alumni Parent

From the early days with the daily tearful goodbyes in the morning, he has blossomed into a confident, bright young boy. We are so proud of what he has accomplished and learned at CHMS!

Alumni Parent

One of the hardest things in the world is to leave your child in the hands of others while you are away at work. Thank you for making this so easy for us. We never worried about our son’s well-being at Children’s House!


The help that CHMS has given us is endless. Brandt is much more independent since he started pre-school, his vocabulary has increased, and his using his manners at home and when communicating with us. One day Brandt was coughing, and I had to pick him up early from school. He was so upset and didn't want to get in the car because he wanted to have lunch with his friends in school. It definitely made me happy to know that the enjoys his time in school.


We could not be more happy or enthusiastic about Leo’s first few months at CHMS. We’ve seen wonderful new skills emerge and increased confidence. He comes home happy and is excited for the next day at school. We are grateful for the CHMS staff and Leo’s teachers who obviously have a deep passion for early childhood education. Lastly, in these uncertain times we are grateful to CHMS for finding a path for education during COVID.


In these 3 short weeks, although James has been emotional during drop offs, I’m comforted seeing how happy he is in the afternoons and how accommodating the faculty at CHMS has been in helping James to adjust to his new routine. He talks about how excited he is for school and to see his friends and his teachers. The sense of community and being a part of the CHMS family has been a blessing and I’m so thankful to you all!


Henry makes us pause before dinner and do the same mindfulness routine they do at school at lunchtime. It's delightful. 🙂


We have enjoyed watching Javier develop his focus, concentration, and courtesy while at CHMS. Thank you, CHMS Team!


Aden was nervous about school at first but now every morning is excited to put on his CHMS uniform and head off to school. He lovingly talks about his teachers and his friends from class. Ever since Aden started at CHMS we have noticed his curiosity and personality blossoming.


Before we started at CHMS in June, our son would throw his plate and cup on the floor after he finished each meal. One week in, that behavior stopped. He used to whine a lot. That behavior has stopped. We have enjoyed hearing new songs he has learned at school (he puts on performances for us nightly). He really likes his teachers - talks about them all the time. We have been very happy with his progress and we are grateful for what he has gained at school so far. We needed help getting him to listen because he was with us for a full year while we worked. He got away with a lot because we gave in. We are learning ways to get him to follow instructions now and implementing some boundaries in a way we were not doing before. What he is learning at school and the boundaries he has there has made a huge difference at home.


Sophia's growth since at CHMS has been tremendous. She loves going to school and adores her teachers, and she says that she "wants to stay at CHMS forever!"

Alumni Parent

We have had such a wonderful year at CHMS and it couldn't have been a better experience for our Saige. From the warmth and brilliant care of Saige's teachers, to the tremendous management and conscientiousness of Ms. Denise, Mr. Jad, and the entire management team, to the kindness and hard work of all of the staff, we will miss CHMS very much. We will always be part of the CHMS family, and are so happy Saige gets to spend this summer with you.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for taking such good care of our daughter. Saige--and we--will never forget the home she found at CHMS.